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What makes you tick? What are things that you can’t stand?

Anger is experienced by all of us. I have many things that make me upset but the key is that you manage your anger.

Identify what makes you angry and why. Then find a way to deal with it.

I get upset from distrust, lack of communication, lack of culpability and ignorance.

Try to find ways of avoiding what makes you angry. I weed out people that seem like they aren’t trustworthy. We give each other signs of our true nature. Trust that person when they show it. I had a friend that copied everything I did. It wasn’t the fact that he/she copied everything. It was the fact that this person would receive accolades and never gave me any credit. This person is what I call a succubus. All they do is take. I choose to say nothing to him/her about my ideas and goals. This was my way of dealing with the situation.

Communication is important to me. When you say you will communicate something and you choose to not do so, I notice. I may get upset at first but I adjust. I know that I can not rely on that person to communicate anything. I try my best to communicate my anger for the lack of communication. This does absolutely nothing because essentially this person has no respect for communication. I react by adjusting my way of dealing with them. One thing about growing up is remembering that not everyone is going to have the same definition for things as you do. This applies to communication.

Lack of culpability is a serious pet peeve mine. I cannot stand when you don’t accept fault for things. But I can either get very angry or take that person out of my life. If you communicate your feelings towards not taking fault and the person never believes that they are at fault, then you either accept them as they are or you delete them from your circle. No one said that you have to be friends with everyone. If this person is your boss then you need to find a new job or just deal with it.

Ignorance is rampant and it drives me nuts. I have people that asked me if we have cars in Nigeria. I used to get very angry but now I just speak to people and tell them,

“No we don’t have cars.”

JK! I tell them that we have cars and that what they see on TV is not the whole story. What people fail to realize is that you have to go out and seek information sometimes because what you see on television isn’t everything.

I hope all of you guys find ways to deal with your anger. At the end of the day you need to remember that your mental health is the most important thing. I take yoga every week and you would be surprised to find out how finding your center helps cool your fire. 🧘🏾‍♀️

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