On the 14th of December, I walked into SoHo Studios and saw the most beautiful art pieces. It was the Jack Daniels Honey event titled Art Beats + Lyrics event curated by Dubelyoo. From the outside it didn’t look like much. When once you entered the venue, you were embraced with the strength and power in this image by Tim Okamura. 

Tim Okamura “Rosie No.1”

This exhibit is something that we needed during Art Basel but I am kind of glad that it didn’t take place then. Art Basel is a time where everyone has so many different art events to attend. Having it right after the huge art festival was actually quite genius because there weren’t as many gallery events since they all took place during Basel. 

Tim Okamura “The Fight Club”

These pieces show the strength of not only woman but of how unity and interconnectedness equals power. This is why this exhibition was so touching. It was empowering on so many levels and to so many people. There was not one piece that wasn’t influential. 

Frank Morrison “Fearless”

In the images below you will find people from various backgrounds coming together and exposing themselves to the arts and embracing culture. The added feature of music and cocktails from Jack Daniels created an environment where you felt like you were part of a community.

Manasseh Johnson “Queen” 

Tonight Jack Daniels brought the community together through cocktails, art and music. This was truly a night to remember.

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