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Lashes & Go is an eyelash extension studio that not only does eyelashes but they offer other services such as microblading and a nail bar. I was a bit apprehensive when I was approached about getting services done because there are so many horror stories about eyelash places. I heard about a girl getting pink eye and then there are the females that leave the eyelash studio looking like they received a a unilash(this is when they have so many eyelashes glued on that it no longer looks like one eyelash. It looks like a giant strip with slits. It’s just horrible!). I also have terrible allergies. I looked over the site and asked my questions. Everything seemed to check out. I already get my lashes done at a studio out in Delray. I have been looking for someone that is closer so that I have not one but two locations to choose from when my schedule gets busy. The great thing about the Lashes & Go is that it is closer. The location is located inside of the Broward Mall which is located at 8000 West Broward boulevard.

I decided that I would take Lashes & Go’s offer to receive a complimentary full set and a complimentary fill in about 2-3 weeks.Β 

Their prices are very affordable and it’s nice that after you shop you can go get your eyelashes done or get them done in between shopping.

The store is very clean. When you enter the venue they give you some paperwork to fill out and keep on file. When you return the paperwork you wait in the seating area. Within a minute or two I met my eyelash specialist named Shamia.

This was a shock for me because they told me that most likely I was going to see the co-owner/ eyelash specialist named Mari. I wasn’t upset but I do wish they told me that my specialist changed.

Shamia was very pleasant and she explained what she was going to do. She also asked me about my allergies and I went over them with her. I proceeded to follow her down the hallway to my room.

You get a nice sized room with a bed for you to lay on so that the eyelash specialist will be able to work on your lashes. They also have comfy fuzzy blankets to keep you warm. When I laid down I closed my eyes so she could start working on these lonely lashes. I arrived with a fresh face but she used a cleanser to make sure that I had no residue on my eyelashes. She placed gel pads to hold down my bottom lashes. All of a sudden, I noticed a tingle that turned into a burn. I of course was having a slight reaction to the cleanser but that was all my fault. I told them that I had allergies to nuts and seafood but I forgot to mention that I can’t have sunflower oil. Sunflowers are one of the ingredients in there cleanser. It didn’t cause any serious skin issues. It just irritated my skin while it was on my eyelids.

So if any of you out there can’t have sunflower oil or seeds please let them know.

The whole experience was better than I expected and the staff was very kind. I would definitely revisit. I now know about the sunflower oil so the next time I visit I have to make sure that I am clear about not using that cleanser.

***These services were gifted. This is my honest review.***

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