The Power of Exponent Beauty

Exponent Beauty is a skincare brand that has been founded by Liz Whitman the former president of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. She wanted to create something that wasn’t going to degrade. Most of the time when you get serums that are supposed to have active ingredients you’re not sure as to whether the ingredients are still active by the the you get them. They may even degrade in transit. With the Exponent Beauty base and dispenser you are actually creating your own serum by using self-activated ingredients. I received the acid hydrator and vitamin C powder. You can see in the videos how it works.

When you apply them to your skin it feels so good. It literally feels like your skin just drank a bunch of delicious water. It’s hard to describe but if you feel it for yourself you will know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s a reason why this brand has been recommended by Refinery 29, Yahoo Finance and Instyle.

The following pin will show you how to assemble the base and globe. You will also see how to make the serum.

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