Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe is an online clothing brand with outfits for any occasion.

I picked the loungewear set because I have been dying to try out the athleisure look. This set is so soft and easy to wear. 

I had to get a large because I was unsure of the sizing. It looked like it ran small and it kind of does. The bottom would have never fit if I didn’t get the large. The waist is a bit lose on me but that is normal for all of my clothing.

The lace bodysuit is a large as well and I should have gotten the medium. It still for but I can tell it’s big when I make certain movements. It went on nicely and it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything! That’s simply the best feeling. It means the clothing doesn’t feel tight even though it is fitted. I can’t wait to try some more clothing from them! It’s all good quality and their prices are crazy affordable!

Fire Goddess Em πŸ”₯

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