Light & Dark

The light is always seen as magical, what we know or the so called right path. The dark appears to be full of temptation or most often it is seen as the unknown. How can we truly understand something when we haven’t seen both sides? This dichotomy is ever present in our lives. The light/dark and the good/bad. Seeing both sides is the ultimate knowledge. Knowledge is powerful. This is why Eve had the apple. It’s another reason why we weren’t suppose to bite it.

I think this concept of going to the dark side can be applied to so many aspects of our lives including trying new things, working in a new industry, meeting new people and more.

An easy way for me to explain this concept is by applying it to people. When we meet people that are so completely different than what we are used to, they become the unknown. They are the dark. Going to the dark in terms of people has allowed me to learn about different personality traits that I would have otherwise dismissed. This can get so much deeper but I am not going to go down that path today. Maybe I’ll get into that next week.

I would like to learn how you guys will apply this concept to your daily lives. How do you guys feel about going to the dark side? If we were as open to the unknown as we are to the known then there would much less confusion and miscommunication in our society.

πŸ”₯ Fire Goddess Em

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