New VIP Member Exclusive! Get Your First Style for $10 + Free Shipping & Exchanges at ShoeDazzle!

I love subscriptions because it means that I won’t have to leave my house and drive in this crazy Miami traffic. When I heard about ShoeDazzle I had plenty of doubts. I decided to give them a try last week. I joined as a VIP and I ordered two shoes. I was honestly going to get only one but then I saw the rumur heels…..

………………………. OMG ………………………


These shoes are AMAZING! The whole heel is EMBELLISHED from the bottom to the top. They were not what I was expecting to find, in fact they were better!


These wedged sneakers are they bestest! They have a suede finish with gold touches throughout. They are not only cute but comfy.

So here’s the deal with Shoedazzle.

You pay $39.95 to be a VIP. This money goes towards your order. You have the option to skip the month between the 1st and 5th of every month. On the 6th of the month they’ll charge your card the $39.95. This money will be in your account for you to use. You can cancel at any time.

I fell in love with Shoedazzle so much so that I became an affiliate.


Click the link below to join their VIP and get your first shoe for $10!!!!!

New VIP Member Exclusive! Get Your First Style for $10 + Free Shipping & Exchanges at ShoeDazzle!

I forgot to mention that they also have cute outfits, handbags and more. They are more than a shoe company! The great thing about buying the shoes and clothing from the same place is that these outfits already match the shoes. You don’t have to go and search for matching items.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to use the link above to get $10 off your first style.

Fire Goddess Em 🔥

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