Wasted Time

We spend a long time wasting precious moments in life on people that don’t really care about us. Why? Are we conditioned to do so? Is it our need to be admired by others or is it because some people are not at all what we expect them to be and thus they surprise us with their evil? Is it our endless human need for a community?

I have always felt that these are the people that need the most healing and the most help. Feeling this way makes me also wonder if it really is wasted time? We are at a time in society where people feel the need to be cowards and not deal with their emotions. This is thanks to the world that we love that includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, et. They resort to childish things like blocking people instead of dealing with their immature ways. Deep down they have issues that no one can heal except for them. Know that your conscience is clear my dear and that you obviously impacted their life in a way that pointed out all of their nonsensical ways to them.

Now to the important issue of wasted time. It isn’t wasted. Everyone is brought into your life to show you something. Nothing is put there without design and you needed that selfish person in your life to show you that you are a good person. You also needed that person there to show you that there are people like that in this world. It feels like time was wasted but it wasn’t. It is now part of the fabric that makes you who you are. Continue to be good and inspire change in people just remember that you can’t change people. People need to want to change themselves.

Fire Goddess Em πŸ”₯

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