Le Grand Verre Membership

Wine is perfect for every occasion. I found Le Grand Verre Wines on Instagram. They are a French Artisan Wine Membership. They get there wines from French family estates. You’re allowed to actually pick your style of wines, how many you receive, and the timetable of your shipments.

They also have thematic boxes which means that you’ll have a four bottles from a region that you would like to discover or a region you may already be familiar with. If there is only one wine that you liked then you may order more of. Ordering refills will only cost you $9.90 a box as a member and $17.50 as a non-member.

You can do subscriptions every week, every month, or each quarter. If you sign up and you feel like this membership isn’t for you then you can always cancel. That’s the great thing about subscription boxes. There’s usually zero commitment. If you end up not choosing your box before it’s sent out then we will send you a box filled with wines that are the most popular.

I chose light fruity wines because of this summer heat. The box I chose is called Bordeaux Poolside and it was $34.90. The bottles are 6.3oz each. Each wine comes with a tasting card explaining the tasting notes. Here are each of my wines paired with their tasting cards.

The whole idea behind this is that you can build your own French wine cellar and you will eventually become an expert in the wines that you have chosen to taste. The other great thing about this is that you are able to drink red and have white for whomever you are having dinner with.

You guys will get $20 off by clicking my link—> Le Grand Verre Special. It’s Monday! Go drink wine and be merry!

Fire Goddess Em 🔥

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