How are your mornings? Mine are literally as unpredictable as unpredictable can be. I sleep really late [naturally] and I wake up early [naturally]. This means that my morning routine is all over the place. I want to have something steady going in the morning instead of my usual organized chaos.

Last week I found Happily Hedy’s post encouraging others to participate in a 21-day morning challenge. I knew I had to participate in this challenge because it will force me to commit to doing something in the morning that will change me for the better physically.

I didn’t want to commit to doing too much. I thought about what I can do and what will be great for me every single morning. This challenge is from the 11th of August to the 31st. My challenge is to do the following:

  • 500 crunches
  • A glass of water
  • A cup of tea

Here are some extras that I may not get to do in the morning but I definitely need to do at some point during the day.

  • Create content
  • Work on my swimwear line

You guys are more than welcome to join me! Use #21daymorningchallenge on social media to spread the word.

Here are the bloggers that I know are participating in this challenge.

Annie Elizabeth
Real Nelle Blog
Kate’s Moving Mountains

Feel free to add us. 😊

“Nothing is done overnight. Change happens with time. Have patience and allow change to happen.”

Day 1: 11 Aug

  • 6:00 am wake up/ 500 crunches
  • 6:25 am tea
  • 6:35 am glass of water

Day 2: 12 Aug

Today is probably more likely going to be there norm for me. I don’t sleep much so this is my life. I saw that a fellow blogger is using a journal and I think I might start documenting things in my journal as well.

  • 5:00 am 500 crunches
  • 5:20 am tea
  • 5:30 am glass of water
  • 5:40 am Went to sleep
  • 8:00 am Woke up

Day 3: 13 Aug

This is the day that I normally go to the gym and take my three classes. I haven’t been consistent with taking the three classes. For the most part I’ve been taking two classes. These last six weeks have been really busy. I’m trying to change that.

  • 7:15 am Woke up
  • 7:20 am 500 crunches
  • 7:40 am tea
  • 7:45 am glass of water
  • 9:15 am Barre class
  • 10:15 am Dance class
  • 11:15 am Yoga class finished

Day 4: 14 Aug

Today was a little more difficult because I had fallen asleep at around 11 p.m. and woke up at 3 a.m. . I was unable to go back to sleep fully. I tried for about an hour from 5 am to 6 am. I had an appointment at 8:30 am so I just gave up and got out of bed around 6:30 am.

  • 6:00 am Woke up
  • 6:35 am Got out of my bed
  • 6:40 am 500 Crunches
  • 6:55 am Tea
  • 7:00 am Glass of water

Day 5: 15 Aug

  • 07:00 am Woke up
  • 07:05 am 500 crunches
  • 07:27 am Tea
  • 10:15 am Dance
  • 10:35 am Glass of water
  • 11:20 am Barre

Day 6: 16 Aug

Today I’m doing nothing.

Day 7: 17 Aug

Today is day one of the Style Saves event. I’m thrilled about the event but I’m questioning my sanity because today will definitely be a long day. I work from 9-4 and then again from 7:30-10. Pray for me everyone. Lol!

  • 6:45 am Wake Up
  • 7:00 am Make Tea
  • 7:05 am 500 Crunches
  • 7:25 am Glass of Water

Day 8: 18 Aug

Today was day 2 of the Style Saves event and so I am completely worn out. I am mentally and physically exhausted so it was harder to actually get it done today. I was able to complete everything.

  • 7:00 am Wake up
  • 7:05 am Get out of bed
  • 7:10 am Make Tea
  • 7:12 am 500 Crunches
  • 7:32 am Glass of water

Day 9: 19 Aug

Today I am completely worn out. I need a day to rest.

Day 10: 20 Aug

I don’t have the energy to do the crunches today.

  • 7:30 am Wake up
  • 7:35 am Get out of bed
  • 7:40 am Make Tea
  • 9:15 am Barre
  • 10:11 am Glass of water
  • 10:15 am Dance
  • 11:15 am Yoga
  • 3:15 pm 500 make up crunches

Day 11: 21 Aug

I spent today doing paperwork and a whole bunch of other errands. #ADULTING

Day 12: 22 Aug

  • 9:15 am Wake up
  • 9:20 am Get out of bed
  • 10:15 am Dance
  • 10:45 am Glass of water
  • 11:15 am Barre
  • 3:00 pm Make Tea
  • 3:39 pm 500 crunches
  • 7:03 pm 500 makeup crunches

Day 13: 23 Aug

I’m finally off today! Thank God!

Day 14: 24 Aug

  • 7:30 am Wake up
  • 7:35 am Get out of bed
  • 7:40 am Make Tea
  • 9:00 am Run
  • 9:45 am Glass of water
  • 10:15 am Barre
  • 11:00 am Dance

Day 15: 25 Aug

I spent today preparing for my interview tomorrow. I have so much I need to go over.

Day 16: 26 Aug

I went to bed late because I had an interview today. I pretty much didn’t get any sleep.

  • 3:00 am Went to bed
  • 5:35 am Get out of bed
  • 5:47 am Continued prep for Interview
  • 9:00 am Get dressed for interview
  • 11:00 am Went to Bed
  • 1:00 pm Make tea
  • 1:30 pm Go to Bed

Day 17: 27 Aug

I feel like doing nothing and I think that’s what I’m going to do.

  • 7:45 am Wake up
  • 7:55 am Get out of bed
  • 9:15 am Barre
  • 9:50 am Glass of water
  • 10:15 am Dance
  • 11:15 am Yoga

Day 18: 28 Aug

Looks like we have a hurricane coming. I spent the whole day preparing and doing paperwork. This weekend is Labor Day weekend which means that I will be working non-stop. I didn’t have time to get up and execute my crunches.

  • 10:00 am Wake up
  • 10:05 am Get out of bed
  • 10:10 am Make Tea
  • 10:35 am Glass of water

Day 19: 29 Aug

Hurricane Dorian looks really bad! It’s a Cat 5 like Hurricane Andrew. I don’t wish that type of storm on anyone. The rain today was so bad and the storm hasn’t even reached us yet.

  • 8:45 am Wake up
  • 8:50 am Get out of bed
  • 9:15 am Buy Water
  • 10:15 am Dance
  • 11:20 am Barre

Day 20: 30 Aug

Woke up tired. 😴

  • 9:00 am Wake up
  • 9:05 am Get out of bed
  • 11:55 am Make Tea

Day 21: 31 Aug

Today is the last day of the challenge. To be quite honest, I didn’t even realize that today was the last day. I’d that I’m proud and I’m disappointed. I was able to commit to doing this in the beginning but somewhere in the middle of this challenge I lost my way. I got so busy with work that I just ran out of time. I wasn’t able do the challenge. I wish that there were more hours in the day because realistically that was why I wasn’t able to complete it on some days. I ended up completing the challenge today but not in the morning.

  • 7:30 am Wake up
  • 9:00 am Running
  • 9:30 am Glass of water
  • 10:15 am Barre
  • 11:00 am Dance
  • 8:00 pm Tea
  • 8:30 pm 500 crunches


If I were to do this again, then I would not limit the time period of execution to only the morning. I would make it a daily challenge instead. I would also give myself a few options. Instead of only the tea, water and crunches I would add 2 more options. I will then commit to doing only 3 out of the 5. Two of the options will be mandatory and the last act will consist of 3 choices. Overall the #21daychallenge was amazing. I learned that I was able to commit to actually doing stuff in the morning. Usually I am not physically active unless I’m going to the gym. I also forget about my tea all of the time. It was nice to remember to take it almost daily.

2 thoughts on “#21DayMorningChallenge

  1. Awesome!!! Love the format of this, how you wrote about each day. I wish I did that, now I’m inspired to do another challenge! Lol. I think it’s cool too that your goals were relatively do-able and realistic. Even when they’re realistic, they can be easy to forget about or be unable to achieve. Once you get those basics down though, you’re ready to move on to the next step. 🙏😁

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